Physical Appliances


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Purpose-built appliance – does not require the level of expertise that do-it-yourself solutions require, they reduce the time to deploy them while reducing total cost of ownership. Administrators are not required to source and procure all the different hardware components, assemble the device, install and harden the operating system, and install and configure the application. Administrators can achieve higher performance with optimized hardware and software.

Improved Celestix COMET software engine is the heart of the appliance. The new and improved purpose-built software engine and management console is a single interface to manage AD FS and its components. It provides an intuitive and feature-rich web UI that allows you to view reports, offers real-time monitoring and alerting, and provides automated updates.

Enhanced Resilience – Ability to clone HDD profiles as well as integrated back-up and restore functionality for disaster recovery. Hardware-integrated backup and restore functionality for disaster recovery, including off-box HDD cloning.

Jog Dial, LCD display and front facing ports – enables fast, easy setup, management, and monitoring.

Simple Deployment – provides a pre-configured and standardized platform to reduce time of deployment.

Quick Installation – No additional staff time is required to configure and manage CelestixFederated Appliance, and the hardware is fully packaged to minimize the burden on your IT staff.

Single Source Procurement and Technical Support – Celestix supports every layer of the solution, eliminating problems with hardware compatibility or operating system patches. From hardware and operating system to programs like Advanced Hardware Replacement, customers benefit from the power of one vendor.

Out-of-band management – Administrators can monitor the appliance through a dedicated management interface to configure and manage the appliance and remotely power on or power off the device.