Celestix NAC
Network Access Control

Real-time clear visibility and control of all devices connecting to corporate network.

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  • Ease of Use: As a zero-touch solution with a pre-set-up infrastructure, even the most complex integrations are made possible with a click of a button. Novice users can complete deployment without any previous knowledge or training required. In monitoring-only mode, gain complete visibility of all endpoints regardless of credential validity or policy violations to allow for simplified and optimized 802.1X deployment.
  • Continuous Risk Monitoring: As a cloud solution, Celestix NAC Cloud is armed with comprehensive capabilities for monitoring the risks presented to the organization by both corporate (managed) and personal (unmanaged) assets, at all times and in all locations. Unlike other NAC solutions, Celestix NAC Cloud enables visibility into and control over endpoints both on and off premise – wherever and whenever a user tries to access the enterprise network.
  • Risk Adaptive Access: Celestix NAC Cloud (Powered by Portnox Clear) enables automated access based on the user’s strong identity and their device risk score when accessing over wired, wireless and virtual networks. Celestix NAC Cloud’s risk scores are derived from endpoint parameters, collated with machine learning to establish an understanding of typical endpoint behavior on the network. Based on risk scores take automated network actions including: quarantining, blocking or requesting updates on endpoints as a condition for access.
  • Greater Visibility: Gain more insight into user and endpoint behavior with full visibility across the extended enterprise. With Celestix NAC Cloud, you can defend more effectively and improve network operations.
  • Fully Compatible with Always On VPN including Microsoft DirectAccess.  Out-of-date software, plugins, and browsers, plus unpatched and unprotected systems leave remote employees even more vulnerable to attack. Businesses now can gain full visibility of their network endpoints from the cloud, giving IT departments the contextual endpoint knowledge, they need in order to know that their data and networks are secure.

Why Integrate Celestix NAC with Microsoft DirectAccess?

Celestix NAC Cloud Overview Diagram

Benefits and Features

  • Single-pane-of-glass visibility for endpoints in use in all locations and at all times
  • Protects the network from vulnerabilities arising from the mobile workforce using Always on VPN including Microsoft DirectAccess
  • Easy to deploy, with a pre-set infrastructure that requires no prior training
  • Cloud-based and fully scalable, requiring absolutely no hardware
  • Flexible subscription terms ( 1, 3, 5 years) to fit the needs of the growing enterprise
  • Secure of all access layers–wired, wireless, and virtual
  • Multi-factor authentication over the VPN based on user identity and device risk score
  • Continuous risk monitoring that identifies vulnerable end points and takes automated actions

Celestix NAC Cloud for SecureAccess
Celestix NAC Cloud is an add-on subscription service to the Celestix SecureAccess.


  • Compatible with Microsoft DirectAccess/Always On VPN
  • 801X Access Control
  • Cloud Radius
  • 1X Device Authentication
  • MAC Authentication
  • Automated Wireless Management
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Open LDAP Integration
  • Self Service Device Onboarding (non Agent)
  • Continuous Device Risk Posture Assessment (AgentP)
  • Device Risk Posture based Access Control


  • Wireless Network Support
  • Dynamic VLAN Wireless
  • Wired Network Support
  • Dynamic VLAN Wired
  • VPN Access Support
  • VPN Two-factor Authentication
  • Dynamic VLAN Wired
  • Security Compliance Reports
  • Device Reports
  • RESTful API
  • Contractor Device Onboarding (non Agent)
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How do I get NAC Cloud?

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  • Log on and create your policies and configure all your connections.
  • If you need help, our knowledgeable, responsive and friendly technical support team will guide you step by step.
  • Done! You’re now completely set up on NAC Cloud. You can now have the full visibility and control over the devices connected to your network.
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