ADFS Do-it-Yourself vs. Celestix Federated

Save Time and Money by Deploying Celestix Federated

Celestix provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution to deploy Microsoft Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS) for Office 365 single sign-on. Microsoft ADFS requires specialized knowledge and time to implement. Celestix delivers direct, seamless integration with Active Directory in minutes without the additional time and expense to install and configure. You can have a complete Single Sign-On for your Office 365 users in no time.

The table below shows how Celestix Federated compares with a Microsoft ADFS software installation.


Microsoft ADFSCelestix Federated
Solution DeliverySoftwareOut of the box
Security RiskMid (not hardened)Low
Administration InterfaceMicrosoft Interface/Web via RDPWeb based
Browser SupportOnly IEIE, Safari, Chrome
Alerting, Reporting and Real-Time MonitoringNoYes
Installation ProcessWindows installation processWizard process
Time to Implement1 – 2 weeksLess than an hour
Cost of OwnershipHighLow
DirSync SupportAdditional days to weeks to implementIntegrated
AD IntegrationAD agent requiredPre-configured
Option to migrate to the CloudNoYes
SupportMultiple vendorsOne for all support need

If you are contemplating ADFS, you will find that Celestix Federated solution provides additional benefits, including alerting, reporting, real-time monitoring, auto DirSync support, wizard process installation and two-factor authentication support.