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Data Exfiltration

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Cymulate’s Data Exfiltration vector challenges your Data Loss Prevention (DLP) controls, enabling you to assess the security of outbound critical data before your sensitive information is exposed.

Organizations are forced to comply with an increasing number of laws and regulations designed to better safeguard their data, which puts the onus on them to fully safeguard their data. Apart from compliance requirements, data breaches also create huge financial impact on a victim company’s reputation. DLP solutions are designed to protect against data exfiltration. Organizations depend almost entirely on DLP implementation, methodology and configuration to protect their valuable data.

The Data Exfiltration vector is designed to evaluate how well your DLP solutions and controls prevent any extraction of critical information from outside the organization. The platform tests the outbound flows of data (such as personally identifiable (PII), medical, financial and confidential business information) to validate that those information assets stay indoors.

The attack simulation results are presented in a comprehensive and easy-to-use format, allowing organizations to understand their DLP-related security gaps and take the appropriate measures using actionable mitigation recommendations.


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