Celestix introduces pioneering two-factor authentication solution for Managed Service Providers

Celestix introduces pioneering two-factor authentication solution for Managed Service Providers

Fremont, California – 19th Sep 2012 – Celestix, a global leader in simplifying complex IT security solutions today announced an innovative two-factor authentication solution designed exclusively for managed service providers. The current industry offerings for two-factor authentication solutions are typically restricted to be on-premise or cloud-based.

Celestix HOTPin MSP Edition allows managed service providers (MSPs) to offer a managed two-factor authentication solution to their customers by hosting the HOTPin platform themselves. The product is uniquely tailored to reduce the challenges faced by managed service providers. HOTPin solves the challenges of upfront investment, scalability, licensing complexity and centralized administration and reporting.

“Traditional security solutions often complicate deployment in a managed service environment due to intricate licensing models and high initial capital investment” says Tim Ager, Chief Executive Officer of Celestix. “HOTPin MSP Edition is a pioneering release because it offers a true Pay As You Go license model and no up-front fees. This ensures the MSP only pays for real utilization on a monthly basis. HOTPin is based on a virtualized platform allowing for scalability and flexibility”.

Organizations of all sizes are aware of the need to authenticate their trusted users. Until now companies outsourcing their IT services to an MSP have had limited options for deploying two-factor authentication. Historically this could have involved the integration of an existing on-premise solution, or the use of a cloud based solution that is not under the full control of either customer or service provider.  In both instances the benefit of working with an outsourced provider is reduced and complexity introduced.

“We are excited about the growth potential provided by HOTPin as the demand for security services within the MSP market continues to grow” says Damian Wakefield, Partner Services Manager at Softcat. “Two-factor authentication enables our MSP partners to deliver a greater range of enhanced services to their customers while ensuring they remain secure against identity theft and the potential resulting data breaches”.

Celestix HOTPin MSP Edition offers ground-breaking two-factor authentication solutions for the MSP market.

More information about Celestix HOTPin MSP Edition is available on the web at www.celestix.com/msp

Pricing and Availability

For more information about HOTPin MSP Edition contact Celestix at cspla_team@celestix.com HOTPin MSP edition is available to all Managed Service Providers who sign a SPLA contract.

About Celestix

For over a decade Celestix has developed cutting edge security solutions enabling organizations to leverage leading and emerging technologies. Founded in 1999, Celestix has delivered solutions to thousands of corporate and government organizations worldwide.  Celestix is headquartered in Fremont, California with offices in Singapore; Reading, UK and Tokyo, Japan.  For more information call 1 (877) 884-1892 or visit Celestix on the Web at www.celestix.com.