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 The SecureAccess client is a small application that creates an automatic connection to an organization’s network. Unlike traditional VPN connections, once the client is installed, it does not require users to do anything; it automatically connects whenever the computer is connected to the Internet.


  • OS X 10.10 or later. 
  • Administrator privileges to install applications. 
  • Domain user credentials.

To install the SecureAccess 

  1. Copy the SecureAccess .dmg installation file to a Mac computer. 
  2. Open the installation file and follow instructions. 
  3. Once the installation process successfully completes, the client is automatically launched and the SecureAccess status menu icon will be added to the menu bar. The icon is dimmed until valid domain credentials are added: 
  4. A prompt will request domain user credentials to access the organization network. 
  5. When the connection is complete, the status menu icon will appear lit: 
  6. Click the icon to confirm the connection status; it should say Connected.