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Icon Status

The icon indicates the computer’s connection status to the network.

A lit icon means the computer is connected to the network. sa icon 18x18 black Icon Status

A dimmed icon means the computer is not connected. sa icon 18x18 grey Icon Status

Click the icon to see connection status details. Possible states include:

  • Connecting – the client is in process of establishing a connection to the Remote Access server.
  • Connected – the connection is active.
  • Internal Network – the client is inside the protected network.
  • RA Not Resolvable – the client could not resolve the DA server IP address.
  • Authentication Error – the provided or stored credentials do not work.
  • Configuration Error – usually displays when the client is missing credentials, but may indicate other configuration problems. If not prompted for credentials, then try restarting the Wi-Fi adapter or unplugging the Ethernet cable.
  • Connection Error – displays if the client could not connect to the Remote Access server.
  • No Network – the computer has neither an Internet connection for remote access, nor a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection inside the protected network.