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The DigitalPersona Console

The DigitalPersona Console is the central location for primary access to DigitalPersona Workstation features and settings.

image dpclient8 The DigitalPersona Console

Password Manager (which includes Quick Actions) is an optional feature that may be installed by selecting Custom as the Setup Type during installation.

The DigitalPersona Console may include the following features.

Credential Manager – Enroll and manage DigitalPersona credentials and their settings.

Password Manager – (Optional) Create and manage Password Manager logons and accounts.

Quick Actions – Configure the DigitalPersona Hot Key sequence, and assign tasks to various credential and key+credential combinations. (Included with DigitalPersona Password Manager.)

Help – Displays online help for the DigitalPersona Console.

Information – Displays information about DigitalPersona Workstation, including the software version, copyright information and the DigitalPersona Server connection status.

User – Displays the Windows account name of the currently logged in user.