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DigitalPersona Client

DigitalPersona clients may be installed individually on computers or deployed through Active Directory GPO, SMS (Systems Management Server) or logon scripts. They cannot be installed through ghosting or imaging technologies.

The DigitalPersona solutions support the following clients.

DigitalPersona Workstation

DigitalPersona AD Workstation and DigitalPersona LDS Workstation are the primary full-featured client application for end-users, providing an intuitive means for increasing both security and convenience through a variety of administrator and end-user configurable options including enrollment and use of multiple credentials, and the use of automated logons for enterprise resources, programs and websites.

The client enforces security and authentication policies on managed Windows computers while providing intuitive access to end-user features and functionality. It may be centrally managed by a DigitalPersona AD or LDS Server.

The term DigitalPersona Workstation is generally used to refer to both the DigitalPersona LDS Workstation and DigitalPersona AD Workstation, except where there are actual differences in their features or behavior.

DigitalPersona Attended Enrollment

Attended Enrollment is a client application feature specifically designed for the supervised creation of DigitalPersona users and enrollment of their credentials. It may be selected as a custom feature during the DigitalPersona LDS or DigitalPersona AD Workstation installation.