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Recovery Questions credential

The Recovery Questions credential allows users to regain lost access to their computer when they can’t log on with any other credentials. They simply need to answer the three security questions selected during this enrollment process.

This feature is optional and must be explicitly configured by the DigitalPersona Administrator through the Enable Self Password Recovery setting. On the Recovery Questions page, you can enroll or manage your Recovery Questions credential; for example, change your recovery questions or the associated answers. In order to use this recovery credential to gain access to a computer, a user must have previously logged on to the same computer at least once with another valid credential.

To set up Recovery Questions

  1. In the DigitalPersona Console, select Credential Manager, and then choose ADD or CHANGE on the Recovery Questions tile.
  2. The Recovery Questions page displays.
    image dpclient20 1 Recovery Questions credential image dpclient20 2 Recovery Questions credential
  3. On the Recovery Questions page, select three security questions, and then enter an answer for each question. You can also choose to write your own security questions by selecting that option at the bottom of the dropdown menu.
  4. After completing the questions and answers, select Save.
  5. Administrators can configure the list of security questions displayed or create custom questions through the Enable Self Password Recovery setting.

After your Recovery Questions credential has been enrolled, you can access your computer using them from a link on the Windows Logon screen.