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PIN credential

A PIN is a credential composed of user-selected characters. A PIN is often used in combination with another credential to easily enhance its security. This PIN should not be confused with a Smart Card PIN which is used as part of a Smart Card credential.

A PIN may be used as a credential for authentication, when combined with an additional supported credential as defined by the Logon or Session Policy in force.

On the Credential Manager, PIN page, you can create a new PIN or change your existing PIN. The minimum and maximum number of characters allowed is specified on the left side of the page. Once a PIN has been added, the PIN tile label changes from ADD to CHANGE.

To enroll a PIN credential

  1. On the DigitalPersona Console Home page, click the PIN tile to display the PIN page.
    image dpclient21 1 PIN credential image dpclient21 2 PIN credential
  2. On the PIN page, enter and confirm the characters that you want to use as your PIN.
  3. The CHANGE button displays on the PIN tile after the PIN has been enrolled and saved.
  4. Click Save to return to the Credential Manager page.

To delete a PIN credential

  1. Choose Delete Credential on the PIN page.
  2. Confirm the deletion.