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Bluetooth Credential

Any Bluetooth-enabled device discoverable by this software may be used as a credential for authentication, when combined with an additional supported credential as defined by the Logon or Session Policy in force.

Enrolling a Bluetooth credential does not automatically make it available (i.e. roam) on every DigitalPersona client. This is because Bluetooth enrollment pairs the associated device with the machine where it is enrolled initially. To use their Bluetooth credential on a machine other than the one where it was originally enrolled

  • The Cache user data on local computer GPO setting must be enabled on the DigitalPersona Server, and
  • Users will need to pair their device with each Workstation where they expect to use their Bluetooth credential.

All unenrolled and discoverable Bluetooth devices within range are displayed in the bottom portion of the page.

To enroll, pair or manage a Bluetooth credential

  1. In the DigitalPersona Console, select Credential Manager, and then choose ADD or CHANGE on the Bluetooth tile.
  2. The Bluetooth Devices page displays.
    image dpclient22 1 Bluetooth Credential
    image dpclient22 2 Bluetooth Credential

To enroll a Bluetooth device as a DigitalPersona credential

  1. Click ADD.
  2. On the Bluetooth Devices page, select the desired device and choose Enroll. If an expected device is not displayed, ensure that the device is set to be discoverable. If the device has not previously been paired with this computer, you will be asked to pair it, and then the device will be enrolled as a credential. Devices previously paired with the computer will simply be enrolled.
    • Change – To enroll an additional Bluetooth device, change your current Bluetooth device, or delete a specific Bluetooth device, choose CHANGE on the Bluetooth Devices tile. Then on the Bluetooth Devices page, select Enroll or Delete.
    • Delete – To delete all enrolled Bluetooth devices, choose Delete on the Bluetooth Devices tile. Then confirm the deletion by verifying your identity.