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Credential Manager

The Credential Manager component is part of the DigitalPersona Workstation. It may be used to enroll and manage DigitalPersona credentials and to configure associated settings (depending on configuration by the DigitalPersona Administrator).

Available credentials can vary depending on the security devices built into or connected to this computer. The exact credentials required to access a given resource may vary depending on several risk and behavioral factors including user typing pattern, device, browser, location, etc. You should enroll as many credentials as possible from those shown on the Credential Manager screen.

Authorized and supported credentials may be managed from the Credential Manager page unless prohibited by the DigitalPersona Administrator.

  • To manage a credential – Click the ADD or CHANGE button on the credential tile and then follow the on-screen instructions.
  • To delete a credential – Refer to specific instructions in the help topic for that credential.
    Your credentials are also used at various times to verify your identity when making changes in the DigitalPersona Console.

Launch the Credential Manager by tapping or clicking the Credential Manager tile from the DigitalPersona Console home page.

image dpclient10 Credential Manager

By default, this feature is disabled because the Attended Enrollment component is most often used to enroll user credentials.

If you want to allow end-users to enroll and manage their own DigitalPersona credentials, see the Policies and Settings chapter in the DigitalPersona Administrator Guides. However, the best practice is to not enable self-enrollment if Attended Enrollment will be used in the environment.