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Credential Enrollment

This is the central location within Attended Enrollment where a user’s credentials and other identifying information can be enrolled and managed. The Credential Enrollment workflow is the same for both DigitalPersona AD and Non AD users, but the UI and the user experience is different depending on whether a single print fingerprint reader or a ten print scanner is being used for enrollment.

Note that the Bluetooth credential is not available during Attended Enrollment. This is because Bluetooth enrollment pairs the associated device with the machine where it is enrolled, and most users will not be using a Bluetooth device to authenticate on the Attended Enrollment machine.
The tiles on the page, representing credentials and other information that may be captured by DigitalPersona in relation to a specific user, give access to pages where this information may be provided.

The DigitalPersona administrator can configure which specific tiles appear on the page, and whether or not they must all be enrolled or omitted before enrollment is complete.

By default, in order to complete the initial enrollment for a user, all tiles shown on the page must be visited, and credentials either added (enrolled) or specifically omitted. When information is omitted, the Security Officer must enter a reason for the omission, which is then made part of the user record in the DigitalPersona database. The first portion of the omitted reason will also display on the tile.

Once a credential has been enrolled, the word ADD will be replaced with CHANGE. When a tile has been marked as omitted, that tile will be dimmed.

Types of Credential Enrollment