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Attended Enrollment

DigitalPersona Attended Enrollment allows the DigitalPersona administrator to delegate a user or group to supervise the credential enrollment process. This feature is not installed as part of the typical (default) installation, but must be selected as part of a Custom installation of DigitalPersona AD or DigitalPersona LDS Workstation.

Supervised (attended) enrollment is the default method of creating DigitalPersona users and enrolling their credentials. However, self-enrollment of user credentials is also an option.

Much of the workflow and behavior of the DigitalPersona Attended Enrollment UI is configurable and is defined in the file DigitalPersona.Altus.Enrollment.exe.config file, located in the component’s /Bin folder, by default C:\Program Files\DigitalPersona\Bin.

There are a few small differences in functionality depending on whether Attended Enrollment is installed as part of a DigitalPersona AD or DigitalPersona LDS configuration.

  • AD – Only AD users exist. All users of the DigitalPersona software are identified in the user interface as AD users.
  • LDS – There are AD users and Non AD users. The term Non AD users signifies those users without records in Active Directory, and AD users are those who have an Active Directory (Windows) account.