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DigitalPersona Components

image mfa enrollment process dia DigitalPersona Components

Server components

The DigitalPersona Server components fulfill four main purposes:

  • They allow IT Administrators to manage security and authentication policies via Active Directory Group Policy Objects and other non-AD functions. For these purposes, the DigitalPersona Server includes various GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) extensions, installed under the Software Settings and Administrative Templates nodes, to link product policies and settings to Active Directory containers, as well as various Snap-ins and server-based
  • They provide centralized, server-side authentication of various types of credentials (e.g. Fingerprints, Smart Cards, Bluetooth devices etc.). For these purposes, DigitalPersona runs authentication services within a domain and receives authentication requests from managed
  • They allow centralized backup and roaming of computers’ and users’ credentials and For these purposes, DigitalPersona LDS also uses Active Directory as a database of relevant data.
  • They also allow other general administrative tasks, including:
    • Access recovery into locked workstations
    • Deployment of license activation

Client components

The DigitalPersona LDS solution supports the following clients:

  • DigitalPersona LDS Workstation – Enforces security and authentication policies on managed Windows computers while providing intuitive access to end-user features and
  • DigitalPersona Attended Enrollment – Allows an administrator or other delegated individuals to supervise credential enrollment for end-users from one or more centralized locations. Attended Enrollment is an optional component of DigitalPersona LDS Workstation, installed by choosing Custom during the DigitalPersona LDS Workstation

NOTE: DigitalPersona LDS clients may be installed individually on computers or deployed through Active Directory GPO, SMS (Systems Management Server) or logon scripts. They cannot be installed through ghosting or imaging technologies.

DigitalPersona LDS Workstation

DigitalPersona LDS Workstation is the primary client application for end-users. A clean and intuitive DigitalPersona Console provides the ability to increase both security and convenience through a variety of configurable features; including enrollment and use of multiple credentials for Windows logon. It may be centrally managed by the DigitalPersona LDS Server, or installed as a stand-alone product.

DigitalPersona Password Manager is an optional feature of the DigitalPersona Workstation client that integrates with the DigitalPersona Console to provide automated logon to enterprise resources, programs and websites.