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Activate the Server License

In most cases, you will activate your DigitalPersona Servers over the internet through Active Directory and the DigitalPersona Activation wizard. The following procedure assumes that license activation is performed on the DigitalPersona LDS Server machine. This is not required, but the DigitalPersona LDS Administration Tools must be installed on the computer being used to activate the license.

To activate a DigitalPersona User license

  1. From the computer where the DigitalPersona Server to be licensed is installed, open the Local Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc).
  2. Navigate to: Computer Configuration, Software Settings, DigitalPersona Server,
  3. Right-click on Licenses and select Add Customer license or Add Employee license.
  4. When the DigitalPersona Activation Wizard displays, click Next.
  5. Select the option to I want to activate the software over the Internet.
  6. On the next page, enter the License ID and password provided with your product purchase. Or, if you have been given a License Activation (.dplic) file, click the Use license file instead of License ID link to display a page where you can activate the product with the License Activation
  7. Click Next. Upon successful activation, a confirmation dialog will display.