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Command line Installation

DigitalPersona LDS Server can also be installed or uninstalled using MSI at the command line.

The syntax of the msiexec command is shown below and is followed by a description of the command line options, parameters and values available:

msiexec /i setup.msi INSTALLDIR=[directory] ADDLOCAL=[software] REMOVE=[software] TRANSFORMS=[Name of transform file]/qn

Command line Options

Options     Description
/i(Required) Indicates that MSI will be used to install the DigitalPersona software. It must be followed by the full pathname to the setup.msi file.
/qn(Optional) Hides the user interface when installing the software on the computer, allowing a “silent install.” If used, it is placed at the end of the command line.


The following parameters indicate where the software should be installed on the computer, as well as what components should be included or removed:

Options  Description
INSTALLDIR(Optional) Specifies the location where the DigitalPersona software should be installed. If a folder is not specified, defaults to: C:\Program Files\DigitalPersona
ADDLOCAL(Optional) Indicates which DigitalPersona features to install by providing one of the values listed below.
REMOVE(Optional) Indicates which DigitalPersona software features to uninstall by providing one of the values listed below.
TRANSFORMSOptional) Use the TRANSFORMS parameter to specify a UI language other than U.S. English. Separate multiple transforms with a semicolon. Do not use semicolons within the name of your transform, as the Windows Installer service will interpret those incorrectly.


The table below lists the values that may be provided with the ADDLOCAL and REMOVE parameters and provides a description of each value:

Values  Description
ALLInstalls all DigitalPersona software components and features or removes all of the components and features that are currently installed.
FingerprintEngineInstalls or removes the DigitalPersona Fingerprint Engine.
STSSTS Installs or removes the DigitalPersona Secure Token Service.
WebAdminConsoleInstalls or removes the DigitalPersona Web Administrative Console.
TokenizationEngineInstalls or removes the Biometric Tokenization Engine.
  • If ADDLOCAL or REMOVE are not specified, msiexec will install all DigitalPersona Workstation
  • Individual software features cannot be installed unless the All value was used with the ADDLOCAL parameter
  • To install DigitalPersona LDS Server for the first time while omitting one or more software features, use ADDLOCAL=ALL, followed by the REMOVE parameter with each software component you do not want to install separated by a comma. For example;msiexec /i setup.msi ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=STS,WebAdminConsole