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LDS Edition Installation Guide

The DigitalPersona LDS (Lightweight Directory Services) Edition provides a modular framework that delivers identity assurance through a strong multi-factor authentication client and server in a Windows platform, leveraging fingerprint biometrics, smart cards, Bluetooth devices and more. It enables Service Providers to establish and subsequently authenticate employees in real- time over their Intranet or VPN.

DigitalPersona LDS is an end-to-end, multi-focus focused solution platform that provides a non-repudiable identity from enrollment to authentication, customized to your environment.

Our DigitalPersona consulting and professional services offerings allow you to customize the core features of DigitalPersona to meet your specific needs. Our Solutions team will guide you throughout the entire process from defining the policies and security rules to customizing the DigitalPersona platform, as well as initial deployment and training.

The DigitalPersona LDS Edition provides –

  • Strong identity assurance with biometrics
  • Composite authentication
  • Flexible platform
  • Custom integration and deployment via professional services
  • Leveraging of existing IT infrastructure
  • Highly scalable
  • Standards compliant
  • Support of Windows endpoints
  • Offline enrollment with data synchronization