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Policies and Settings

These policies and settings are implemented through DigitalPersona GPMC extensions and the User Query Snap-in. They are available as separate components installed through the DigitalPersona LDS Administration Tools, which is included in your product package.

The Workstation administrative template, installed through the GPMC Extensions component, may also be added to a local policy object on a standalone workstation without access to Active Directory. See the DigitalPersona Workstation Installation chapter in the DigitalPersona Client Guide for further details.


In Active Directory, the DigitalPersona GPMC Extensions component adds DigitalPersona policies and settings to the DigitalPersona Client and DigitalPersona Server nodes under Computer Configuration/Policies/Software Settings, and adds policies and settings for the DigitalPersona Client under the Computer Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates, and User Configuration/Policies/Administrative Templates nodes.

Installed computer policies and settings can then be accessed through the Active Directory Group Policy Management Editor in the Microsoft Management Console.

Local administrators can access the DigitalPersona Workstation settings from the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), after installing the GPMC Extensions component of the DigitalPersona Administration Tools, which contains the required administrative templates.

Each setting can be accessed in the Group Policy Management Editor (or MMC) by navigating to the desired setting and selecting Edit from the context menu.

GPO settings have three states: enabled, disabled and not configured.

By default, all settings are not configured. To override the default settings, each setting must be changed to enabled or disabled and, in some cases, additional parameters must be supplied.

On the network, by default, changes made to existing GPOs may take as long as 90 minutes to refresh with a 30 minute offset.

  • GPOs applied to workstations are refreshed during this time, as well as when the workstation is
  • GPOs applied to users are refreshed every 90 minutes and when the user logs on or

You can use the standard Windows methods of enforcing refresh of DigitalPersona GPOs without concern for disrupting DigitalPersona functionality on a computer.

The following pages describe the policies and settings made available in Active Directory through the DigitalPersona GPMC Extensions component. The information is organized according to major Active Directory nodes, categories and subcategories mirroring their locations in the GPME policy tree. Tables list each policy and setting, and reference the page number where a full description is provided.