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Self Enrollment

Self enrollment allows Digitalpersona users to enroll and manage their own credentials.

With self enrollment enabled, the basic process is as follows. For additional details, see the following sections.

  • A DigitalPersona user navigates to the Web Enrollment URL.
  • On the DigitalPersona Identity Server, they enter their DigitalPersona authentication.
  • The Credential Manager page displays.
  • They select a credential to enroll or modify.
  • When they are through managing their credentials, they click Complete Enrollment.

Enabling self enrollment

The Windows Authorization Manager is where you set up your AD Users and Non AD Users to enroll and manage their own DigitalPersona credentials.

To enable DigitalPersona users to enroll and manage their own DigitalPersona credentials

  1. Launch Windows Authorization Manager.
  2. Add the Enroll Self task to the predefined DigitalPersona AD Users and Non AD roles or to another separate role that you (Note that the term Altus Users has been deprecated and replaced with the term Non AD User, and the term Altus AD Users with AD Users) in this documentation, except where the legacy UI specifically still uses the term as is this case in the Authorization Manager.
    image dpenrollment7 Self Enrollment

Logging in to Web Enrollment (self enrollment)

  • Navigate to the Web Enrollment
  • On the DigitalPersona Identity Server, enter their DigitalPersona authentication credentials.
  • The Credential Manager page display.
  • Select a credential to enroll or modify.
  • When through managing their credentials, click Complete Enrollment.