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DigitalPersona Web Enrollment is a web based application that provides both attended (supervised) enrollment and management, and self enrollment and management, of DigitalPersona Composite Authentication credentials. It is compatible with most web browsers on popular desktop and mobile platforms. See the System Requirements.

image dpenrollment1 Overview

By default, DigitalPersona Web Enrollment is configured for attended enrollment only, i.e. administrators or their delegates (called Security Officers) must supervise the enrollment and management of user credentials. However, allowing users to enroll and mange their own credentials is also available and is easily accomplished.

Any Windows user that belongs to the Local Administrators group on a machine where DigitalPersona LDS Server is installed is automatically assigned the role of Security Officer and can enroll other users and assist them in managing their DigitalPersona credentials.

Additionally, domain administrators also have this role assigned to them automatically during setup. Other specified users or groups may be assigned this role through the Windows Authorization Manager.

In order to use DigitalPersona Web Enrollment to enroll credentials that require a peripheral device (such as a fingerprint or card reader) a DigitalPersona client must also be installed on the same (Windows) computer, for example, DigitalPersona Workstation, DigitalPersona Kiosk or DigitalPersona Lite Client.

DigitalPersona Identity Server

The DigitalPersona Identity Server (provided through STS or the Secure Token Service) is the authentication gateway for the Web Enrollment application.

In order to use Web Enrollment, administrators, Security Officers and other users first need to log in to the Identity Server.

User categories

There are two categories of DigitalPersona users: AD Users and Non AD Users.

  • AD Users are those DigitalPersona users with an Active Directory (Windows)
  • Non AD users are those DigitalPersona users whose records are stored in the DigitalPersona LDS database.