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Logging in

In order to log in to the DigitalPersona Administration Console, you must be a DigitalPersona AD user. You must also be listed in the Microsoft Authorization Manager (AzMan) as a member of the built-in DigitalPersona Administrators group, or assigned to a role that contains administrative tasks, i.e. tasks other than Enroll Self or Query Self.

To log on to the console

  • On the DigitalPersona Identity Server webpage, enter your domain\username and password, or select one of the displayed tiles to use a different previously enrolled authentication¬†credential.
  • If a multi-factor authentication policy is in effect, the tile for the next required credential will become highlighted after successful authentication with the first one, and any fields necessary for use of the credential will be displayed.

image dpconsole loggin Logging in

Note that the specific credential tiles that appear on the Identity Server page and any combination of credentials that may be required to log in are configurable by the DigitalPersona Administrator.