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DigitalPersona Web Administration Console

The DigitalPersona Web Administration Console provides a convenient web based way to administer DigitalPersona AD Users and Non AD Users. From the console, the administrator can manage DigitalPersona users and the most common user policies. Additional user settings and policies for AD Users can be configured in Active Directory. There are slight differences in functionality for AD Users, as defined below.

  • AD Users are displayed and user policies can be managed, but their credentials cannot be enrolled until an account is first created for the user in the DigitalPersona LDS database. This is accomplished by selecting the Create New button in the Details panel and entry of their Windows password.
  • Once at least one credential (other than the user’s Password) has been enrolled, the Create New button is replaced by a Manage Credentials button, which launches the DigitalPersona Web Enrollment Component.
  • When AD Users are removed (by clicking the X to the right of their name), they will still be displayed when All Users is selected, but their credentials will be deleted and their user license will be returned to the license pool. A Removed Users option on the dropdown menu also allows displaying only removed AD users.

The DigitalPersona Web Administration Console can be accessed by the DigitalPersona administrator through any of the web browsers listed in the system requirements as long as it has JavaScript enabled.

When accessing the console remotely, only credentials (such as Passwords and OTP) that do not require attached hardware (fingerprint and card readers, for example) can be used to log on to the console, unless a DigitalPersona client (such as DigitalPersona Workstation, Kiosk or Lite Client) is also installed on the machine.