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DigitalPersona Application Portal


The DigitalPersona Application Portal is an optional DigitalPersona module, included in the DigitalPersona Web Management Components package, that provides web-based single sign-on to applications through the use of claims- aware SAML tokens.

image dpportal1 DigitalPersona Application Portal
Sign on to the Application Portal is provided through the DigitalPersona Identity Server.

image dpportal2 DigitalPersona Application Portal

To install the DigitalPersona Application Portal, select it from the component choices available in the DigitalPersona Web Management Components Installation Wizard. The last page of the wizard will contain a URL for the application portal.

The general process for adding links to additional applications is described below. Specific additional instructions for configuring any specific application are unique to the application and must be provided by the application vendor.

Adding links to the Application Portal

Once the Application Portal has been installed and access to it has been verified, locate the Portal.config. By default this will be the location of the file.

C:\Program Files\DigitalPersona\Web Management Components\DP App Portal\App

Editing this file requires Administrator privileges. You should backup the file before editing, and you may want to copy the file to the desktop for editing to avoid warnings about insufficient rights, and then copy it back to the original location.

For your convenience, icons and application names for common DigitalPersona and 3rd party applications have been provided in this file. However, the correct URL for each application needs to be entered in the portal.config file.

Adding DigitalPersona web applications to the Application Portal

Add the URLs for the DigitalPersona Administration Console and DigitalPersona Web Enrollment shown on the final page of the Web Management Components Installation Wizard.


<add name=”DPWebAdmin” url=https://webadmin.MyDomain.com/dpadminui” description=”DigitalPersona Web Admin Console” />

<add name=”DPWebEnroll” url=https://webenroll.MyDomain.com/dpadminui” description=”DigitalPersona Web Enrollment” />

Adding third-party applications to the Application Portal

The structure for adding third party applications to the Application Portal is the same for third-party applications. However, the process for enabling an application for SSO is often complex and is unique to each application. For assistance in this process, please contact our Professional Services.

Portal verification

Navigate to the Application Portal link provided on the last page of the DigitalPersona Web Components Installation Wizard. If everything is set up correctly, your browser will be redirected to the DigitalPersona Identity Server logon page. After successful logon, the browser will be redirected back to the Application Portal page, with a list of applications. You should now be able to access the DigitalPersona Web Administration Console and the DigitalPersona Web Enrollment applications without needing to authenticate again.

image dpportal1 DigitalPersona Application Portal