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Log in to the Web UI

Accessing the web UI is necessary to continue to deploy and manage the appliance. The IP address for the internal network adapter (Primary Port) is used to access the web UI.

Note: If the LAN IP address was assigned through DHCP, login to the appliance using a KVM or Monitor and Keyboard. Login to the windows using the default username and password. Check the IP assigned to the appliance.

To log in

  1. Open the web UI in a browser:
    • From a client computer on the network, default access to the appliance web UI is through a web browser at https://ServerName|IP address:8098.

      For example, if the server LAN IP address is, the web UI URL would be

    • From an RDP/KVM session on the server, access the web UI at: https://localhost:8098
  1. Enter local administrator credentials when prompted.

The factory default local administrator credentials are:

User name: administrator

Password: [Celest1x]

The password is case-sensitive and the brackets are included. The “domain\administrator” user name format may be required.

Important: A certificate warning may display because the site uses a self-signed certificate. Accept the certificate to access the web UI.