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Configuration Overview

The following lists network components that most commonly require configuration to support feature deployments.

Note: Some items are optional. Details for feature configuration are discussed in the topic Resource Worksheet.

Network Policy Server

  • Celestix Edge appliance serves as the RADIUS server; it must be domain joined
  • Network Access Server (RADIUS Client)
  • IP Address
  • Shared secret
  • Network policies
  • Authentication protocol options

Remote Access

  • DirectAccess
    • An Active Directory® Domain Services (AD DS) domain
    • At least one domain-joined DirectAccess server (E Series)
    • A public key infrastructure (PKI) [recommended]
    • Network location server (optional)
    • DirectAccess clients running Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate, or Windows 8.x Enterprise
  • VPN
    • SSL certificate (if using SSTP)
    • External firewall exceptions for configured ports
  • Web Application Proxy
    • Celestix Edge appliance serves as the reverse proxy
    • ADFS installed on separate Windows 2012 R2 server
    • SSL certificate
    • Firewall rules for traffic between Web Application Proxy server (E Series) and ADFS server

Remote Desktop Services Components

  • Remote Desktop Gateway
    • Celestix Edge appliance must be domain joined
    • RD Connection Broker and RD Web Access Server
    • RD Session Host server
    • RD Gateway server
    • SSL certificate
    • AD DS Group Managed Service Account
    • Firewall exceptions maybe required
    • End Users: RDP client that supports RD Gateway (like Windows Remote Desktop Client)
  • Remote Desktop Web Access
    • Celestix Edge appliance must be domain joined
    • Remote Desktop Connection Broker
    • RD Session Host server with RemoteApp programs configured
    • SSL certificate
    • Firewall exceptions will be required for the WMI Service
    • Option – virtual desktop: Remote Desktop Virtualization Host server

Work Folders

  • Celestix Edge appliance serves as the sync server; it must be domain joined
  • Domain-joined Windows Server 2012 R2 as the sync share; share volume formatted as NTFS
  • Sync share DNS entry (recommended)
  • SSL certificate
  • User group (recommended)
  • End users: Windows 8.1/RT 8.1