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Rack the E6600 Appliance

Celestix appliances are 1U and should be attached to a standard 19-inch equipment rack as follows.

  1. Power down the appliance.
  2. Disconnect all peripheral cables from the appliance.
  3. Disconnect each power cord from the appliance.
  4. In a server that uses thumbscrew rack ears, loosen the captive thumbscrews that secure the server faceplate to the front of the rack, and then slide the server out of the rack.
  5. In a server that uses quick-release latch rack ears:
  6. Open the latches on both sides of the server.
  7. If necessary, use a T-25 Torx screwdriver to loosen the shipping screws. The diagram below provides a reference.
    image eseries6 Rack the E6600 Appliance