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Connect the Appliance to the Network

Celestix appliances have up to 6 (six) network adapters and up to 2 (two) power adapters.

Connect to the Network

Once the appliance is racked, it must be connected to the network.

If an IP address will be assigned through DHCP, and then configure for a static address is covered in the setup wizard interfaces instructions. If DHCP is not deployed, you have to configure the IP address manually to add the IP address to the network adapter.

To connect the appliance

  1. Connect an Ethernet cable from the Primary Port (LAN1) network adapter on the Celestix appliance to the internal network hub or switch.
  2. For additional network connections, use the Secondary Port (LAN2) or 4 Network ports adapter (LAN3 – 6) on the appliance.

The diagram below provides a reference.

image eseries4 Connect the Appliance to the Network

Note: Hardware models vary and may look somewhat different from the example, but network connections will be similar.

Network Interface LED indicators

When the appliance is powered on, each of the network adapters displays a pair of lights to help identify connection speed and usage.

image eseries5 Connect the Appliance to the Network

1  NIC link LED Green = Network link

    Off = No network link

2  NIC activity LED Solid green =  Link to network

   Flashing green = Network active

   Off = No network activity