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Manage Features

Once installed, some of the features include links that launch RDP applications to management consoles (MMCs). These links serve two purposes:

  • Some features require an additional configuration that can only be accomplished through the MMC.
  • The links provide convenient access to advanced management functions.

Some features do not do not contain an RDP link, usually because no additional configuration is required.

To access management tools

  1. Navigate to Celestix E Features.
  2. Click a feature name with a link in the list.
    For example, Network Policy Server:
    A RemoteApp will download: confirm if necessary.
  3. Launch the app.
  4. Enter administrator credentials for the appliance when prompted.
    Important: When the E Series is joined to an AD domain, a valid domain administrator account is required for logon.

    • If prompted, allow the connection.
    • If a self-signed certificate is used, accept the certificate when prompted.
    • Once launched the app opens as a Remote Desktop Connection.
  5. Use the MMC to configure settings as needed.
  6. When done, navigate to File Exitin the remote desktop window to close and return to the DirectAccess screen in the web UI. Closing the application logs off the RDP session to the appliance and is recommended to release management resources.

    Note: If the File menu is not visible, use the quick close button (boxed x).