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Install Features

Once general setup and configuration are complete theFeatures configuration tool installs the roles and services necessary for Celestix E Series Appliance remote connectivity. Depending on the purpose for deployment, one or more roles can be installed. Instructions cover the steps common to most deployments, but again, an individual organization may require different or additional configuration.

The following features are available:

  • Network Policy Server – basic RADIUS authentication or RADIUS proxy; can also serve as a NAP policy server.
  • Remote Access with VPN – configuration for DirectAccess with an option for VPN. DirectAccess provides always-on remote connectivity and management for Internet-connected Windows 7 and 8 computers. VPN provides access for non-managed devices.
  • Web Application Proxy – external access by authenticated users to published applications.
  • Remote Desktop Gateway – RDS desktop virtualization component; firewall friendly external access to internal network remote desktop servers.
  • Remote Desktop Web Access – RDS desktop virtualization component; access to RemoteApp in Windows 7, or to Desktop Connection through a web browser. RD Web Access can also include remote access to internal computers through a browser.
  • Work Folders – a server sync share that hosts work files for anywhere access from supported devices (BYOD functionality).

To install a feature

  1. Navigate to Celestix E Features.
  2. Click the toggle button to On for a feature.
  3. Click Apply to confirm.
  4. The feature’s status indicator will rotate while the system processes the request.
  5. A confirmation will display when the process is complete.
  6. Click the restart system link if prompted.

See the topic Feature Details for more information about feature options.