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Configure Work Folders

The wizard provides the steps to configure Work Folders settings for the Celestix E Series Appliance. Instructions cover the steps common to most deployments, but again, an individual organization may require different or additional configuration.

For setup, the administrator needs access to the following resources:

  • The domain controller
  • The external firewall (see Firewall Ports Reference)
  • The E Series appliance web UI
  • Windows Server Manager

General Information provides necessary details to complete configuration.

General Information

The following deployment notes provide information to understand Work Folders configuration.

Deployment Assumptions

Information presented in the E Series setup instructions is based on the following:

  • The Work Folders feature has been installed through the web UI.
  • Deployment is a single sync server with a single sync share.
  • The user security group is created prior to setting up the sync share.
  • If DNS is configured for Work Folders access, it is completed before using the setup wizard.

Requirement Checklist

The following items will be required to set up the Work Folders service. Plan ahead so that items are available when needed to complete configuration.

  • Domain controller – Windows Server 2012 or higher.
  • Publicly signed certificate– an SSL certificate is required for Work Folders; it must be a third-party certificate from a trusted vendor. Additional requirements:
    • The certificate subject needs to be the same as the Work Folders public URL (format: workfolders.<domain_name>)
    • Certificate subject alternative names (SANs) must list the server name for each sync server in use.

Note: A certificate is required for each server hosting the Work Folders feature.

  • AD security group – a user group to control access to the sync share.
  • Clients – supported options:
    • Windows 8.1, 8.1 R, 7 (Professional, Ultimate, Enterprise)
    • iPad with iOS 8.1 or later

Additional Configuration Notes

The notes below discuss options that can extended Work Folders functionality. They exceed the scope of these instructions, but will be helpful to consider when planning deployment.

  • DNS configuration is required for the following instances:
    • To sync files over the Internet, a public domain name with a DNS Host (A) record is required to allow clients to resolve the Work Folders URL.
    • To sync files on an intranet, a DNS alias record is required on the internal network for the Work Folders URL that resolves to the server names of all sync servers on the network.
  • ADFS facilitates the following services:
    • Device Registration Service for Workplace Join
    • RADIUS and multifactor authentication.
  • Web Application Proxy allows clients to sync files over the Internet.

Configure Security Group

The best practice is to use security groups to manage Work Folder access. Set up for security groups in AD is described briefly and requires familiarity with AD domain administration.

To Create a User Group

  1. Create a dedicated Work Folders user group with these settings:
    • Scope: Global
    • Type: Security
  2. Add user accounts to the group.

Use Setup Wizard

The setup wizard is a walk-through to assign a certificate to encrypt remote access to work files.

Access the screen through the web UI at Celestix E Features Work Folders Wizard.

Wizard Instructions

Use the following instructions to import the SSL certificate for Work Folders.

  1. Certificate– import a certificate to encrypt authentication:
    1. Click the Import button.
    2. Complete the following:
      1. Certificate Import– navigate to and select the Work Folders certificate that will be used for authentication.
      2. Password– enter the certificate passphrase.
      3. Click the Import button.
    3. The imported certificate should display in the Certificate field. If not, use the drop menu to select it.
    4. Click Next.
  2. Finish – review the settings; click Next to configure.

The wizard is complete when the congratulations screen displays. Next, a sync share directory must be designated on the appliance.

Required Configuration After Setup Wizard: Sync Share

Configuration must be customized for an environment:

  1. When done, navigate to File Exitin the remote desktop window to close and return to the Maintenance screen. Closing the application logs off the RDP session to the appliance and is recommended to release management resources.

    Note: If the File menu is not visible, use the quick close button.

The base level setup that allows external access to work files is now complete. Supported clients can now be configured to access sync services.