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BladeLogic Client Automation Functions

There are three BladeLogic Client Automation Functions available through the web UI.  Access them by clicking BCAC Configuration Management in the menu on the left pane to display the following:

image bcac config management BladeLogic Client Automation Functions

Configuration settings include:

  • BCAC Tuner – connect to the master transmitter to receive update information.
  • BCAC Configuration – set SSL certificate information for the master transmitter.
  • BCAC Logs – get status information for BladeLogic Client Automation features.

The following sections explain the settings for the configuration management functions.

BCAC Tuner

The tuner connects the appliance to the master transmitter to receive update information for the remote site.  Use this page to view the tuner status and to start/stop/restart the tuner.

image bcac tuner BladeLogic Client Automation Functions

The screen above shows the tuner in the stopped state.  Click the Start button to enable the tuner.

BCAC Configuration

Update and configure the SSL certificate used by the BCAC server.

image bcac configuration BladeLogic Client Automation Functions

You will need to provide the following items:

  • Certificate File – specify path for file upload.
  • Certificate Manager Channel URL – specify the transmitter address.
  • Certificate Password – enter and confirm the certificate password.


View BladeLogic Client Automation application’s status information for the following:

  • Tuner Log
  • Admin Log
  • Access Log
  • Plugin Log
  • History Log

image bcaclogs BladeLogic Client Automation Functions

Logs with multiple types include a Select log drop menu to choose the log you want to display. To refresh the log currently being viewed, click Refresh.  The currently viewed log can be deleted or downloaded.

This complete the appliance setup for your BMC 100 appliance.  Please refer to BladeLogic Client Automation documentation for any further application setup and configuration.