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Appliance Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard launches after the first successful login to the appliance web UI.  Instructions below guide you through the following steps:

  • Change Password – replace the default admin password.
  • Back Up and Restore – configure backup and restore settings.

Change Password

Enter and confirm a new password for the admin user.

image configwizard Appliance Configuration Wizard

Click Save to go to the next step.

Back Up and Restore

When you configure Backup settings for the appliance, you can schedule Daily, Weekly and Monthly backups. You can either:

  • Save backup data locally on the appliance as a downloadable backup file and manual copy it to a secure location later


  • Set the appliance to automatically download the backup file to a Windows file system share.

image configwizard2 Appliance Configuration Wizard

When you have finished entering backup settings, click Save to start the installation.

It will take some time for the software to install.

When the Configuration Wizard complete the installation, you should see the following message.

image bmc complete Appliance Configuration Wizard

When the browser refreshes. you should see the following screen.

image wizardrefreshUI Appliance Configuration Wizard