Zscaler Deployment Advisory Services

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Assuring your rapid and successful launch of the Zscaler Internet Security platform. We bring the best-practices experience—you bring the execution.


Fast implementation

By engaging the Zscaler Deployment Advisory Service, your organization can realize the full benefits of Zscaler’s security and management solutions in a matter of days—or less. That means immediate web and malware protection for your organization and immediate access to threat updates and new features.

Minimal learning curve, maximum value

The Zscaler Deployment Advisory Service is designed to minimize your learning curve and effort—for IT as well as security and audit teams—freeing up resources while maximizing the value of Zscaler’s protective envelope.

Get your configuration right from the start

The Deployment Advisory Service guides you through the process of configuring Zscaler to suit your organization’s particular access needs and security policies—from multiple office locations and functional organizations to specific users or groups of users.

Assistance to ensure successful rollout

The Zscaler Deployment Advisory Service supplements your technical team in conducting a successful launch across all points of user access and all teams involved in managing your policies and security.


The Deployment Advisory Service: What DAS packages provide

• Advisory on best practices for optimum Zscaler service usage via a series of conference calls and video conferencing sessions

• Design guidance and written design plan from an experienced Zscaler architect

• A jump-start for traffic forwarding and service implementation with the Zscaler DAS team working remotely with customers and customer-designated partners to replicate Zscaler-provided best practices across all sites, projects and users

• Testing and traffic turn-up guidance, so customer and customer-designated partners can complete deployment as necessary with additional turn-up and forwarding to Zscaler

• DAS packages also include Zscaler Mission Critical configuration audits and training credits

Celestix is a certified Zscaler Deployment Advisory Services Provider.  Please contact us at das@celestix.com or US/Canada 510 668 0700 | EMEA +44 (0203) 900 3737 | Asia +65 6781 0700 for more details. 



Zscaler’s award-winning Security as a Service platform delivers a safe and productive

Internet experience for every user, from any device and from any location. Zscaler effectively moves security into the Internet backbone, operating in more than 100 data centers around the world and enabling organizations to fully leverage the promise of cloud and mobile computing with unparalleled and uncompromising protection and performance.

Customer Responsibilities: What DAS does not provide

  • Zscaler DAS is a remote service — it does not include on-site services
  • Management of customer-premise equipment — this it the customer’s or customer-designated partner’s responsibility. The Zscaler DAS team does not access CPE.
  • Hands-on admin/IT work or IT outsourcing
  • Network design services
  • Project management or reporting, services billing, etc.

Deployment Best Practice Advisory Areas

  • Traffic Forwarding Methods
  • Policy Structure
  • Authentication
  • Reporting and Scheduling

Service Period

  • All DAS service packages must be used within 90 days of purchase. Any unused service units expire at the end of the 90-day period.