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Securing Your Office 365
with Behavioral Biometrics

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With Celestix MFA for Office 365, users will have the best user experience ever. Picture this. Michele opens her Outlook application or login to via a browser. She types the username and password and she is able to access her emails securely.  She does not need to reach for her smartphone to use an authenticator app to generate a dynamic one-time password (OTP) to obtain a PIN. The interaction between user and the system is simple and efficient.

Behavioral Biometrics is a measurable behavior used to recognize or verify the identity of a person. Behavioral Biometrics becomes a very powerful weapon in the fight against computer intrusions. Any unauthorized user that previously could access a computer with confidential information, either by hacking the password, logging in with stolen credentials or accessing a logged-on computer, can now be stopped and the intrusion is prevented while it is happening.

Now, this Behavioral Biometrics is part of the authentication for Office 365. 

Behavioral Biometrics

Require no additional factor to authenticate the Office 365 access, only the user.  Additional fail safe is in place with step up authentication.  

Centralized Management

Set security policies for domain users and groups using Group Policy Objects (GPOs)

Self-service Password Reset

If users forget their passwords, they can access their PC by answering a set of pre-defined questions (this can be customized and centrally managed by IT)

Enhanced Reporting

Generate, view and schedule pre-configured activity and status reports for users and applications from a centralized location

Support Most Factors

Support up to 8 major authentication methods. They can be mixed and matched as needed for all applications including Office 365.

Flexible Deployment Options

Celestix MFA can be implemented on-site or hosted in the cloud.  Approved hosting provider include Azure and Amazon Web Services

How It Work

Comparison Chart

Features \ Solution Celestix MFA Azure MFA MFA for Office 365
Multiple Authentication Methods
Behavioral Biometrics
Mobile App token
Real-Time SMS OTP delivery
Windows Logon
Email token delivery
3rd Party Cloud support
On-Premise app support
Self Service password recovery
2FA PIN Option
Single Sign-On Portal
Context and Risk based Analysis
Uses AD or LDS as a database (no syncing)


Celestix MFA Cloud


  • Push Notitification
  • Fingerprint
  • Hardware Token
  • Soft Token
  • Smart Card
  • Bluetooth Device


  • Secure Cloud Applications including Office 365
  • Factor Enrollment
  • Behavioral Biometrics
  • Contextual Login Policies
  • Federation Support
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