Celestix product family offers organizations the most innovative and secure remote access and perimeter security solutions on the market today. Our security suite enables organizations to balance the desire for flexible mobile working with the essential need to remain in control of sensitive data and corporate resources.

Celestix product development is driven by a passion for security and our customers benefit from the sustained and proactive product development cycle that ensures they remain one step ahead of the criminal community at all times.

Celestix is the only company that offers a performance-tuned, turn-key Microsoft DirectAccess solution with advanced features like proprietary web-based management console, interactive drill-down reporting, streamlined client troubleshooting, and management, which are not available on the Microsoft Server platform. Celestix SecureAccess is everything you want, in one physical or virtual appliance.  SecureAccess also extends DirectAccess experience for roaming users even for Windows Professional editions and Mac OS X computers.

Celestix Federated Series is a plug-and-play, on-premises solution that enables single sign-on (SSO) and access management for Office 365 and cloud applications. The Celestix Federated Solution integrates federated identity with on-premises AD. Federation allows IT and users to streamline credentials that access resources inside the network and in the cloud. Storing credentials internally increases security and maintains organizational control.

Celestix HOTPin is the most innovative tokenless two factor solution suite available and it continues to drive the evolution of the authentication market.