Celestix HOTPin

Celestix HOTPin is a tokenless two-factor authentication solution that enables organizations to empower their mobile workforce while ensuring industry leading protection of digital identities and protecting against unsolicited access to corporate resources, a primary reason for the loss of data.

Celestix HOTPin enables organizations not only to mobilize their workforce but allows them also to leverage the remote workers smart device, PC or tablet to act as a token capable of generating an event based one-time password (OTP).

Celestix HOTPin 2FA Solution

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Simple Deployment

HOTPin is tokenless, providing OTP generation via soft token, Instant Messenger or SMS. User provisioning can be offered in multiple methods, from app store download or through a simple to navigate self-service portal. User adoption is high because the technology is simple to use and requires no additional hardware.


HOTPin authentication server includes an instance of RADIUS server on board, providing organizations with simple deployment and easy connectivity with any standard perimeter access gateway device. With a simple management console and a multitude of reporting options as standard.

Integrations and APIs

HOTPin now includes an application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK) that allows an enterprise to integrate two-factor authentication into its existing web applications. This API allows administrators to modify their existing web applications to include an option on the authentication screen from which a user can choose the method of login.


With the HOTPin User self-service portal, End users can provision themselves, import their own keys and reset their PIN if required, without having to go through IT helpdesk. Users who want to use their smart phone as a token can also import the token keys by scanning a QR code from the self-service portal.

Simple Price Model

User licensing is per registered user and is enforced on the server. One major benefit of HOTPin is that the per license price is fixed, regardless of the token form factor. For instance, the hardware token is priced the same as the soft token. This addresses a key issue in the authentication market which is the complexity of pricing for various token types.

Quick Response (QR) Code Login

HOTPin client now supports QR codes.  Users can scan the QR code and will be instantly logged in to the application in a secure manner.  The integration of this function to any web services is simple. The latest HOTPin 3.7 includes API with the samples that helps to simplify the integration into your existing server architecture.

Powerful Admin Management

HOTPin web-based administrative interface lets you easily revoke credentials, disable users, and audit access by users and groups. Extensive reporting tools are also provided and audit trails are maintained for regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting engine provides complete visibility.

  • Provide visibility to management
  • Enforce and monitor compliance
  • Automated report generation and delivery

Download the Celestix HOTPin Datasheet.