Celestix SecureAccess Client

DirectAccess Beyond Windows 10 Enterprise.

SecureAccess client expands automatic connectivity to Windows Professional and Mac OS X computers. Now organizations can take advantage of always-on connections and manage out functionality for previously unsupported clients.

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Always-on connectivity simplifies access to resources for remote end users. With an Internet connection, they can access applications and data to work when and where they are most productive.  Manage out improves security because assets get the latest updates whenever they connect.

With SecureAccess, there’s no need to upgrade asset infrastructure. It leverages current assets to improve productivity for remote workers while maintaining a strong organizational security posture.

OS support: Mac OS X (10.10+), Windows 7+ Home/Professional Editions

Celestix SecureAccess client Frequently Asked Questions.


Streamlined setup

Automatic SecureAccess client updates

Remote autoconnect to corporate network

Inside/outside network location-aware functionality


Force tunneling allows monitoring and strict control of asset connectivity

Split or force tunneling flexibility

Push GPO and other updates to remote assets

Split tunneling conserves bandwidth

Functional Overview