Celestix MSA


Celestix is committed to continue servicing the market for Microsoft TMG 2010 until 2023, enabling businesses to continue deploying this market leading perimeter security platform.Celestix MSA™ security appliances deliver Microsoft’s Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 for unmatched multi-threat protection with industry-leading ease of use and value. Performance, reliability, and ease of management backed by expert Celestix customer support have made MSA the world’s best-selling Microsoft security appliances.

Celestix MSA Features

image_product_3400Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks. Dynamically procrastinate B2C users after installed base benefits. Dramatically visualize customer directed convergence without revolutionary ROI.

Celestix MSA appliance range is the world’s most deployed platform for Microsoft TMG 2010. MSA appliances are built for rapid deployment, simplified management and high performance. The Comet software engine provides an intuitive and feature rich web UI that allows for advanced configuration for both TMG and the appliance.

Celestix provides numerous additional features that complement and enhance the use of TMG. Automated update services provide pre-screened alerts and patches through the web UI, and multiple back-up and restore options provide solutions for disaster recovery.

Because of Celestix’ purpose-built appliance hardware and Comet™ appliance engine software, MSA appliances have earned an international reputation for great performance and reliability. We engineered our 6th generation hardware platforms to optimize the performance of TMG using the latest high-speed components and architecture optimized for 64-bit operations. We harden our appliance hardware platforms by eliminating all hardware components not needed to run TMG. Eliminating extraneous hardware and drivers removes security vulnerabilities and potential points of failure. Simplified hardware also reduces power and cooling requirements for cost savings on energy.

MSA powered by Microsoft TMG, web based protection from Celestix business anywhere solutions.

Superior security gateway functionality

  • EAL4+ certified application firewall secures your network with layer 2-7 traffic inspection
  • Market leading proxy and caching engine includes reverse proxy for application publishing and forward proxy for secure web browsing
  • IPSec VPN delivers secure remote user access and site-to-site connectivity
  • Web (URL) filtering blocks users from visiting infected websites and lets administrators control users’ access to enforce corporate web policies.
  • Web anti-virus/anti-malware security functions inspect files, scripts and all other forms of portable code to block sophisticated Web-based attacks
  • HTTPS inspection examines encrypted traffic to detect and stop encrypted malware
  • Network Inspection (intrusion detection/prevention) thwarts suspicious activity inside the firewall
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit) operating system

Built-for-purpose appliance platform

Celestix MSA appliances provide an award winning, hardened turnkey platform for the deployment of TMG 2010. Celestix optimizes both the hardware and software on the MSA appliance to ensure a risk free “right first time” deployment. Celestix helps to lower the cost of ownership through reduced deployment timescales and increased hardware reliability.

  • Rapid deployment with jog dial, LCD display and intuitive interface
  • Simplified administration with COMET user interface
  • Automated patching and updates for application, OS and firmware
  • Out of Band management
  • A range of appliance form factors for Enterprises of all sizes

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