Celestix announces TMG and UAG Software Support Program to cover all customers who will be affected by End of Microsoft Mainstream Support for TMG and UAG

Celestix offers TMG and/or UAG mainstream support contracts until 2023 to all organizations that currently use TMG and UAG, regardless of the platform these applications are running on

Fremont, California, December 01, 2014 – Celestix Networks, the leading provider of secure remote access connectivity solutions, today announced TMG and UAG mainstream support programs for all organizations that currently use TMG and UAG, regardless of the platform these applications are running on. The aim is to provide operational continuity to all customers who will be affected by the end of Microsoft® mainstream support for TMG and UAG in April 2015. The programs will extend the term by which organizations can obtain meaningful technical support for their TMG and UAG deployments until end of 2023.

Microsoft’s TMG and UAG have been a consistent presence in organizations for over a decade now, and they provide administrators with a stable, reliable platform. TMG 2010 is widely used for forward web proxy, reverse proxy for application publishing, client-based and site-to-site VPN, and firewall enterprise application filtering. UAG 2010 capabilities include application publishing for SharePoint and Exchange, providing mobile access, policy-based authorization, activating remote desktop gateway, and SSL network tunneling. There is an understandable reluctance to move away from these trusted solutions when other options provide less comprehensive solutions.

“Many TMG and UAG customers are in no rush to migrate to a different platform and are aware that the end of life or end of mainstream support does not mean that the functionality provided by TMG or UAG immediately ceases to be useful”, said Yong Thye Lin, Chief Executive Office at Celestix Networks. “As the world’s largest Microsoft Forefront technology OEM appliance partner, we are pleased to offer the software support program for all current TMG and UAG customers to ensure that their investment remain viable.”

Celestix’s software support program applies to all TMG and UAG installations regardless of how TMG and UAG is deployed in the company infrastructure. This program will provide both break-and-fix and on-call support for all TMG and UAG infrastructure, whether deployed on virtual platforms or on a hardware platform like HP, Dell, or Celestix appliances. However, this support program will not extend to the underlying server platform or the base operating system. Celestix will not provide any software or code updates to the TMG software, and will only act in a support capacity to troubleshoot and resolve issues with existing configurations and deployments.

Celestix software support contracts will provide access to the Celestix global support organization on either an 8×5 or 24×7 basis, and are defined by a clear set of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Also, Celestix technical support is backed up by an Enterprise Support Agreement with Microsoft, so customers get the benefit of prompt and deep technical assistance from Celestix, with the additional peace of mind that a major issue can also be escalated to Microsoft without incurring additional costs.

Pricing and Availability
For more information about TMG and UAG software support program, contact Celestix at info@celestix.com

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