Celestix Provides Strong Two-Factor Authentication to Salesforce.com

Celestix integrates HOTPin two-factor authentication with Salesforce.com to offer enhanced authentication for Salesforce.com users

Fremont, California – November 21, 2013 – Celestix Networks, a global provider of remote access security and network security solutions, announced today that HOTPin two-factor authentication now offers integration with Salesforce.com to provide unparalleled secure access for Salesforce.com users.

“As valuable customer-related information is stored on a company’s Salesforce.com account, which is always attractive to hackers, it is imperative to protect this data from unauthorized access,” said Yong Thye Lin, CEO of Celestix. “By offering HOTPin integration with Salesforce.com, we aim to increase the security of Salesforce.com deployment for companies and protect their mission-critical data from breaches.”

Salesforce.com is the top cloud-based CRM product available in the market today, and enables collaboration for sales, marketing and support teams. Because the nature of the information they share is highly sensitive, static passwords alone are not sufficient to protect this online data. While Salesforce.com offers a number of security features to protect customer data, they also recommend that customers deploy two-factor authentication to increase their security posture.

Companies that are keen to increase their level of security face the challenge of deploying on-premise, expensive hardware authentication solutions. Celestix understands the need for a low cost, scalable authentication solution and offers the innovative, modular HOTPin system. HOTPin’s simplified deployment and management coupled with the most authentication options in the industry can help organizations to implement strong password security quickly and easily for their Salesforce.com accounts.

The HOTPin integration guide for Salesforce.com is available at kb.celestix.com.

About Celestix

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