Celestix Expands DirectAccess User Experience to Microsoft Windows Professional Edition and Mac OSX Computers

Celestix launches SecureAccess feature on its Celestix Edge Solution to enable Microsoft DirectAccess connectivity on Windows Professional editions and Mac OSX Computers

Celestix Networks, the leading provider of Microsoft secure remote access connectivity solutions, today announced the new SecureAccess feature for its Celestix Edge solution. Celestix Edge is the most deployed platform for Microsoft DirectAccess. The new Celestix SecureAccess release will enable organizations to get the DirectAccess user experience on unsupported DirectAccess clients such as Windows Professional editions and Mac OSX Computers.

The new feature will give a huge advantage to the organizations that are running a version Professional edition of Windows or have Mac OSX computers in their environment and always wanted to deploy DirectAccess. Now they can enjoy the benefits of a seamless and transparent, always-on, bi-directional, secure, remote access DirectAccess solution on their existing platforms.

Microsoft DirectAccess is a unique solution designed exclusively for managed Windows clients. It is aimed at organizations, who that need to provide a simpler and more secure remote access alternative to client-based VPN while at the same time reducing management and support costs for their field-based assets. However, DirectAccess does not provide support for all remote access scenarios (e.g. non-“Enterprise” Windows clients or non-Microsoft devices).

To bridge this gap, Celestix has developed the SecureAccess feature that will help to extend DirectAccess experience for roaming users even for Windows Professional editions and Mac OSX computers. Celestix applied their expertise in deploying DirectAccess to deliver the DirectAccess experience to these previously unsupported clients.

“With SecureAccess, we finally broke the boundaries that were making DirectAccess impossible to use and uneconomical for a large number of companies having Windows Professional or Mac environment,” said Gabriele Sartori, chief technology officer at Celestix Networks. “From now on, virtually any company can have the benefit of DirectAcess user experience.”

The SecureAccess feature can be downloaded as a client that can be installed on a PC or MAC. Then it uses the Active Directory credentials like the standard process to activate the Network Connectivity Assistant (NCA) service (NcaSvc) and provides DirectAccess seamless connectivity on-the-go. While additional authentication methods can be supported, SecureAccess doesn’t need them in order to guarantee the highest level of security. The remote end user will just turn on his computer and login, anytime, anywhere.

With SecureAccess will not be necessary to upgrade at once all the Windows Professional PC to Windows Enterprise Edition , the integration will be faster, simpler and more economical.

The existing Celestix customers will receive an update to the E Series product. Newer products either physical or virtual will ship with the new SecureAccess features installed.

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About Celestix
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