Celestix Announces $1 Two-Factor Authentication Offer

Fremont, California – November 7, 2013 – Celestix Networks, creators of HOTPin Two-Factor Authentication, a leading provider of Network Security and Strong Authentication Solutions, announced today that they will be offering HOTPin Two-Factor Authentication for $1 per user for the first year, with the purchase of a three year subscription.

“With the increasing number of password breaches in the news today, and the huge losses felt because of those breaches, we at Celestix understand that companies in the US require enhanced password security offerings today,” said Yong Thye Lin, CEO of Celestix. “However, the evaluation and budgeting of these solutions sometimes extends the timeline between evaluation and deployment. For that reason, Celestix is offering companies the opportunity to increase their password security posture without having to dramatically increase their budgets.”

Celestix Security Simplified, Two-Factor platform allows for a quick and easy deployment and improved management while delivering a Two-Factor Authentication solution with the most possible authentication processes available in the market today. Whether you are looking for token, email, SMS, QR code, or other authentication mechanisms, Celestix HOTPin represent the most cost effective and flexible solution available in the Two-Factor Authentication market.

About Celestix
For over a decade, Celestix has developed cutting edge security solutions enabling organizations to leverage leading and emerging technologies. Founded in 1999, Celestix Networks has delivered solutions to thousands of corporate and government organizations worldwide. Celestix is headquartered in Fremont, California with offices in Singapore; Reading, UK and Tokyo, Japan. For more information call 1 (877) 884-1892 or visit Celestix on the web at www.celestix.com.