Celestix SecureAccess - Always-on VPNCelestix Multi-Factor AuthenticationCelestix SecureAccess. Unified Remote Access, Simplified.Rapid Pilot Services for Microsoft DirectAccess

Celestix SecureAccess - Always-on VPN

Extends DirectAccess experience for roaming users even for Windows Professional editions and Mac OS X computers.

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Celestix Multi-Factor Authentication

The most complete way to bolster security for every app, every user, every time.

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Celestix SecureAccess. Unified Remote Access, Simplified.

Now Get the Enhanced Unified Remote Access and DirectAccess Features on your Virtual Infrastructure

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Rapid Pilot Services for Microsoft DirectAccess

Celestix helps organizations seeking to perform pilot deployments of DirectAccess and the Edge appliances.

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Unified Remote Access

Secure and Seamless Access Across Physical, Virtual, and Cloud Servers.

Single Sign-On

Increased security, rapid deployment, and enriched SSO experience for Office 365 and SaaS applications

Multi-Factor Authentication

Protecting digital identities and against unsolicited access to corporate resources.

Celestix SecureAccess E Series: Why An Appliance?

Find out how deploying a purpose built appliance versus a conventional Windows Server 2012 R2 server for Remote Access can save installation time, ease configuration tasks, and reduce licensing costs.

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Microsoft TMG is still available until 2023

We are committed to supporting Microsoft TMG 2010 until 2023, and can help you to make an orderly and strategic transition by providing TMG migration options when you are ready.

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